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Learning from Ta-Tas and Fighting Breast Cancer

What Ta-Tas Teach Us to fight Breast Cancer

My sister had breast cancer.  Before this discovery, she had chosen to stop having her yearly screenings. After my sister’s breast cancer was detected , she eventually opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.   Her mastectomy could have been avoided if she continued to have mammograms; the best way to fight breast cancer is with early detection.

Since I speak to many hospital and health organizations particularly Healthy Women, I decided to write a beautifully illustrated book with twenty life lessons we learn as women from having “Ta-Tas.”  The book, available on Amazon….hint, hint…is a wonderful book to share with special women in your life since it is filled with common sense life lessons, health reminders, and  humor.  I also use the profits from this book to fight breast cancer. The first ” Ta-Ta” lesson from the book is shared in this blog and other lessons will be shared in future blogs.  The attached picture is from the book and it is drawn by a very talented artist named Beth Clark. Enjoy this first “Ta-Ta” lesson.

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