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The Beautiful Ugly of Low Tide

When I was a cIMG_20140830_190826_962hild my daddy would put his beloved boat, The Never-No II into the water by way of the family boat ramp into Abbapoola Creek.  This ramp is still a tradition that is enjoyed by many family members today. Daddy was a skilled boater and knew every bank and oyster bed as he made his way through the winding turns to the big water of the Stono River.  Although there were many challenges to be navigated around I learned that there is a beautiful ugly of  low tide.

It always made me a bit nervous when the Never-No was launched on a low tide.  You would see mounds of pluff mud, blue crabs looking the next delicious toe to attack and tiny fiddler crabs with claws that were three times as large as their small bodies. There was also junk throw into the creek by my grandfather (Gumpa) that DNR by today’s standards would consider a felony offense.

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Change-Why We Do Not Like it

We are mostly creatures of habit and change is not in our genre. But change will come along and try our souls. It starts at a young age when us adolescent girls get a couple of physical “wake up” calls. In my book, dedicated to the fight again breast cancer, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us”  (Free download from Amazon) I share my first life-lesson when my body began to change and there are reasons why we do not like change.

It was the first of two talks.  The first was a two hour marathon about becoming a woman.  I was in shock listening to what was fixin’ to happen.  My mother became so frustrated that she told me if this monthly event did not happen, I would “go crazy.” The ultimate “zero I.Q. moment” was after two hours of THE TALK, my exhausted mother asked, “Do you understand?” “Yes,” I replied.  “Do you have any questions?”  “Yes.” I said.  “When does Daddy do this?”  In her best controlled voice her answer was, “Daddy DOES NOT do this.  He shaves.

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Life Lessons from the Rat at Disney World

It was truly a magical moment. With days of happy faces, Mickey Mouse treats, and children topped with hats resembling Disney characters, we saw a rat. We were standing in the middle of Epcot's Italy when all of a sudden a rat  made a surprise appearance.  I was reminded of some timeless  life lessons from the rat at Disney World.

It was truly a magical moment. With days of happy faces, Mickey Mouse treats, and children topped with hats resembling Disney characters, we saw a rat. We were standing in the middle of Epcot’s Italy when all of a sudden a rat  made a surprise appearance.  I was reminded of some timeless  life lessons from the rat at Disney World.

We had just left Alice in Wonderland and were approaching Mary Poppins. We were all captivated with memories of our childhood icons.  Thomas must have starred at Mary Poppins for five minutes.  I told him he looked like a stalker.  He said, “I was trying to figure out why she doesn’t sweat.” Even with his left brain thinking, Thomas, like the rest of us, was in a magical mode.

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Breast Cancer and Ta-Ta Lesson Number 12

Breast Cancer and Ta-Ta Lessons Number 12

I love this Ta-Ta lesson from my book, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,”  since we all have things in our lives we need to get rid of. My sister got rid of her Ta-Tas because they would have killed her since she had a very aggressive type of breast cancer. The doctor told her that by the time she discovered the lump on her own she would have been in big trouble. Just like breast cancer and Ta-Ta Lesson number 12, we all need to get rid of what hurts us.

Take an honest look at your life.  What are those things/issues that are holding you back from your greatest potential?  Can you isolate the “cancerous” things that make you less of the best that you can be?

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Learning from Ta-Tas and Fighting Breast Cancer

What Ta-Tas Teach Us to fight Breast Cancer

My sister had breast cancer.  Before this discovery, she had chosen to stop having her yearly screenings. After my sister’s breast cancer was detected , she eventually opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.   Her mastectomy could have been avoided if she continued to have mammograms; the best way to fight breast cancer is with early detection.

Since I speak to many hospital and health organizations particularly Healthy Women, I decided to write a beautifully illustrated book with twenty life lessons we learn as women from having “Ta-Tas.”  The book, available on Amazon….hint, hint…is a wonderful book to share with special women in your life since it is filled with common sense life lessons, health reminders, and  humor.  I also use the profits from this book to fight breast cancer. The first ” Ta-Ta” lesson from the book is shared in this blog and other lessons will be shared in future blogs.  The attached picture is from the book and it is drawn by a very talented artist named Beth Clark. Enjoy this first “Ta-Ta” lesson.

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