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Federal Bathroom Guidelines, Political Parties, Church Leadership

funny womenNew Federal bathroom guidelines, political party leadership rules and churches expressing differing biblical interpretations have awakened a silent majority in America’s culture. Here is a unique twist explaining minority rule verses the silent majority.

We were finally seated.  The quaint restaurant nestled among Live Oaks highlighted the sights and sounds of the Lowcountry. It was our annual girlfriend get-to-gether that had been scheduled, re-scheduled and scheduled again. We were so looking forward to our favorite things “chick-style” that included; laughing, shopping, eating and sharing our hearts. But something interesting happened during the meal.

Our pleasant conversations were interrupted with a loud screech.  A table with parents and toddlers were seated in the same area.  Our conversations continued only to be interrupted by another wailing toddler. I noticed folks from other tables raising their eyebrows at this small group of adults and children.

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