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Not a Laughing Matter-The Death of Robin Williams

robin williamsI, like many of you heard in disbelief the horrible news of the death of Robin Williams. He was truly a national treasure for many decades.  I remember laughing at the sitcom “Mork and Mindy” and years later giggling with my children as we watched “Hook” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Robin Williams’ death is no laughing matter.

Depression is a serious illness in this country.

I have been shocked when dear friends of mine have confided in me their dark secret of suffering from Depression. To hear them describe their symptoms is just unbelievably horrid. The dark cloud that can consume at any second and the feeling of no hope is nothing short of a never-ending nightmare.

Depression coupled with self-medication deepens and complicates the journey. I have been in the midst of watching this battle with a dear person in my life and to say the least, it is heart-breaking.

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Do the Hokey Pokey: Turn Your Mad into Glad


I saw a bumper sticker that said, “What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it is all about?” I tend to agree.

I flew out of Macon, Georgia via Atlanta a while back.  I looked out of my car window and saw no planes flying above as I drove into the airport. To say the least, I was concerned that no flights were departing from the small airport.

As I checked in, the gate agent was totally absorbed with clipping his nails.  I heard the familiar, “Click….click…click….”  “Excuse me,” I said. “Isn’t there a flight to Atlanta?”  “No “Ma’am, we ain’t fly’in that plane today.”  My heart started to pound inside my chest.  “How do I get to Atlanta?” I asked.  “Well, jist git in line with the others, “he said.  “All ya’ll is go’in on the Greyhound.”  At that moment I noticed 35 people with fire in their eyes in the same predicament I was in.  No plane, just hours of riding on the Greyhound.

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Imagine That!

I spent two wonderful days in Georgetown, TX speaking to the Texas Baptist Weekday Education Association. The close to 1,000 attendees were nurturing women who deeply love children. The group had hearts as big as the Lone Star State.

The conference theme was entitled, “Imagine That” based of the fabulous Christian song by Mercy Me, “I Can Only Imagine.”

My transporter, Celina, was delightful and drove me to see where I was speaking. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas and proven again when I saw the Georgetown Texas Baptist Church looming in the distance. I toured the education building and from that experience, I knew the sanctuary would be spectacular. I was not disappointed. My little Harmony United Methodist could fit in the church lobby.

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