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Little Town of Johnston has Magic Moments

Life offers many magical moments that can be missed. As annoying as it can be, signs requesting “Turn off your cell phone,” can force us to experience more entertainment than expected.

In my new book to be released in September, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops,” I highlight the frustration of Martha who was so busy getting ready for Jesus that she missed listening to his teaching. Her sister, Mary, soaked it in, but Martha was distracted and became a stressed-out, mess-up. Hummmmm, know anyone like this? Guilty.

My daddy loved to sit and visit. He always said that people are the best entertainment. Daddy was not much of a talker, but he was a great observer. Even if the technology was available, there is no way my daddy would stare at a smartphone; he experienced many magical moments even in our little town of Johnston.

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How to Fix the Unfixable

unnamedI stood around the baggage carousel in Portland, Oregon, with many other travelers hoping to spot my temporary closet on wheels. Finally, I saw my wheeled suitcase with fluorescent luggage tags making its way down the belt. I grabbed the suitcase and headed to the rental car terminal.

Glancing behind me, I stared in disbelief. My practically new roller-board had a large gaping hole on one side, a crushed zipper, and missing front pockets. To make matters worse, one leg of my pantyhose was tucked inside my suitcase and the other leg was dragging behind it. A perfect split.

Prudent female travelers utilize the multi-tasking convenience technique of “leaving your undies in the pantyhose.” Yes, my drawers were sunny-side up tucked into the hose. I quickly reeled in the unsightly undergarments as I silently thanked my mother for teaching me the clean underwear rule…both on and off the body. You just never know…

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Bud Walpole Does the Right Thing-Not Racism

BUD WalpoleWhen my cousin called and told me about Bud Walpole being fired from coaching due to claims of racism, I sounded like an owl, “Who?” Who?” I asked.  I, like many who have known Bud all of our lives, was stunned.  Bud Walpole is one of the kindest Christian gentlemen I have ever known. If Bud Walpole thought he was hurting anyone, he would do what he always tells the young people he influences, “Do the right thing.” This is reflected in Bud’s class act apology.

So who are the racists here? Maybe the person/persons pointing fingers.  How shameful and disgraceful for the Charleston County School Board to remove a person who parents pray their children will encounter as a coach. In an era when father figures are missing from our culture, men like Bud Walpole are priceless. 

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Life’s not Fair…Think About the Ta-tas

If I had a dollar for every time I said this to my children, I would be "sittin' pretty." You, too? How do you explain to a crying young child that this is what to expect FOREVER. Things will happen that just are not good or fair or right. Call is what you will. I say LIFE 101. This is the second lesson I mention in my book, "What Ta-Tas Teach Us," that life is not fair.If I had a dollar for every time I said, “life’s not fair,” to my children, I would be “sittin’ pretty.”  You, too?  How do you explain to a crying young child that this is what to expect FOREVER.  Things will happen that just are not good or fair or right.   This is the second lesson I mention in my book, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,” that life’s not fair.

I would sit behind girls in class and envy their wide bra straps and count how many hooks they had.  I thought about the one pitiful, little hook I used to fasten my brassiere. The quicker you learn it the better off you are; life’s not fair.  Call it what you will; LIFE 101 is one of my favorite expressions.

Life is Not Fair

Life is not fair because people are imperfect and our world is flawed. “What Ta-Tas Teach Us.” Here is a bit of humor to illustrate how to handle life’s unfair circumstances.

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