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Red, Ripe Tomatoes and the Eiffel Tower

MzDOmqgIt is tomato season on Johns Island.  I remember all of those hot summers I picked tomatoes to help my daddy with incidental expenses during my college years.  Here is an excerpt from my book, Bare Feet to High Heels, that reminds me of timeless life-lessons that helped me many years ago and still reminds me of simple success principles.

It’s hard to believe that leaning over picking tomatoes in a hot Johns Island tomato field eventually got me to the top of the Eiffel Tower. A long journey made simple by five principles—truths I must share.

This chapter will not make you laugh; it will make you think. Enjoy a bucket filled with vine-ripened, staked, irrigated, unculled down-home wisdom.

My journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower began in my own backyard. I started a wholesale tomato business that helped me to earn money for college in addition to teaching me timeless success principles. The long, hot hours I spent working in my Daddy’s tomato fields still have an impact on my life.

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Let Me Energize Your Next Meeting or Event

miss-south-carolina your next meetingI’d like to think that through my humorous storytelling, enriching life lessons, and uplifting songs (which also happen to be on Sirius XM Radio), that I’m able to help people. I can energize your next meeting! We all need to laugh, after all. It’s the stuff of life! All of my presentations are based upon my journey from the farm to the runway of the Miss America Pageant and beyond. My sense of humor helped me to overcome meeting new people, being labeled Dyslexic, and plenty of other things…eventually leading me to success. Most recently, I was nominated into the Speaker Hall of Fame!

My most popular presentations include:

  • Find the Funny in Dysfunction
  • Bare Feet to High Heels and the Flip-Flops in Between
  • Don’t Throw Tomatoes at My Field of Dreams!
  • Bury Me with My Pearls
  • What Ta-Tas Teach Us

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A Life Well Lived is Like a Kayak Well Paddled

jpegJust fetch a paddle and get into the kayak; is it really that easy? The answer is, “no.” Add a swift creek tide and you have a challenge on your hands.

Kayaking is all about balance.  It’s about hugging the marsh to escape the currents or pull. Sometimes you paddle backwards when you get into a challenging situation.  There are those times when going with the flow is the way to go.  It’s about timing your journey.

Thomas and I kayaked along Hut Creek last week. I hugged the shore for safety and paddled backwards as I fought the pull of the tide.  We timed our excursions to enjoy God’s blessings and especially loved drifting with the tide.

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Laughter Can Save Your Life- Just Ask Carol Burnett

For a good laugh, click here or on the picture below to hear Jane’s funny, true story about a “Hokey-Pokey” moment.

My mother always said, “Find something to laugh about with that problem. It will help you get through tough times.”

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Checking out at Bi-Lo or as I call it, the Johnston Mall, I saw an article that caught my eye in Closer magazine. Writer Louise Barile wrote an article entitled “Laughter Saved My Life.” The theme of the article was how Carol Burnett’s comedic gifts helped her survive many heartbreaking family tragedies.

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The Way Forgiveness Works

I wrote my book,The message of forgiveness was taken to a new level at the National Speakers Association Annual Convention last week when I heard Immaculée Ilibagiza’s story.  Immaculée survived the Rwandan Holocaust and through the power of her faith in Jesus Christ, lived to tell her story.Bury Me with my Pearls” from a personal journey using the analogy of a pearl. The book grew out of a chapter about forgiveness entitled, “The Dark Pearl.” Here is an excerpt from the chapter addressing forgiveness:

We all dread those times when a dark pearl is added to our strand of beautiful creamy white pearls. We don’t want to put that particular pearl on our priceless strand, but ironically it can become the most valuable one of all. Its value depends on how we use and display that particular pearl. It can be a treasure or a tragedy. You can allow one lousy choice or childhood incident dictate the rest of your life.You may choose to blame people or circumstances and allow that pearl to identify you.Your dark pearl may be produced by a variety of irritants: the death of a lovedone, betrayal, divorce, unfair treatment, abuse, or financial ruin. Only one out of every ten thousand pearls becomes a dark pearl, so its price is steep. Can you find value in this rare treasure or will you allow it to devalue your life?

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