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My Mama and Her “Pearls” of Wisdom

Funny Pearls for Photo Shop

My new book, Bury Me with My Pearls, will be released November 12, 2013. This book is a treasure of humor, memories and spiritual truths in memory of my mother, Eleanor McElveen Jenkins.  My tag line is, You May Die Laughing While Learn how to Live.  This book is my tribute to my Mama and her “pearls” of wisdom.

My mother gave great advice.  I will never forget the lecture she gave me on the eve of my wedding.  Eleanor said, “Take care of your husband.  “For every headache you have, there is a woman out there with an aspirin in her pocketbook.”  And all the men say, AMEN.

My mother was popular.  I took her to a speaking engagement and she was quite the star.  Several audiences members came to me after the speech and wanted their picture made.  I fluffed my hair only to be handed the camera to take a picture of them and my mother.

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Big Fear of the Unknown

Hut at Sunrise

We spent a few days in the Lowcountry enjoying the water and beautiful wildlife this past week.  As we were traveling down Hut Creek in the Jon Boat, we hit something in the water.  It sounded like a giant ugly stump that had the potential of sinking the boat. I said to Thomas, “Something scary lies beneath.”  We had a big fear of the unknown.

We decided to wait for the tide go down and then check out this gi-normus, unseen obstruction for fear it had the potential of sinking our little Jon boat. As we rounded the bend in the creek, the massive stump turned out to be a small branch.  Obviously, our imaginations got the best of us.

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Lowcountry Tides and Life Changes

Life Changes and the Lowcountry tides

Memorial Day weekend ushers in the official beginning of summer.  Along with the obvious tribute to our brave men and women in the armed forces, the sun seems a little hotter and the water temperature is not as cool. As a Lowcountry girl, I can relate to how the changes in the tides reminds me of  life changes.

Sunscreen, bottles of water, bread, peanut butter, etc., are all on my list to take in the boat.  My daddy, a seasoned Johns Island boater, always said to never leave the shore without food and water. So with the coolers packed and boat in good shape, off we went to  Abbapoola Creek to join a ka-zillion other boaters in Charleston.

To catch a high tide in the late afternoon is the most desirable scenario. We explored creeks with million dollar homes and passed jon boats with folks fishing and casting.

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