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My Mother’s Day Gift: Storytelling

What an honor for my friend Patricia Fripp to share this story from my book, “Bury Me With My Pearls”; especially with Mother’s Day is approaching. My mother helped me develop many gifts but her humor and way of looking at life’s circumstances were priceless. Enjoy this wonderful story about telling stories and the precious gift of humor and  loving support from my mother and Tootsie.  These women are my “mothers of pearl.”
Mother's Day Giveaway

Storytelling – “My Mothers of Pearl” by Jane Jenkins Herlong 

Don’t forget to enter my Mother’s Day Giveaway in memory of my mother. Please join me in sharing what your mother/daughter has taught you with the hashtag #PearlsofWisdom and you can be entered to win a set of pearl necklaces for you and your mother/daughter. To enter, click here:


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One of the Greatest Gifts Given to Me; My Mother’s Sense of Humor.

My mother had an amazing sense of humor. I am so thankful since there are so many benefits to laughter and its therapeutic value. Laughter lowers blood sugar, helps us sleep better, boost immune system and improves our memory. One of the greatest gifts  given to me; my mother’s sense of humor. Here is an excerpt from my book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” #pearlsofwisdom

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Eleanor’s “Sunday School” Joke

My mother told me that she had planted funny notes and crazy things all over the house to make me laugh after she passed away.  Momma did not want me to stay in a state of grief long after she left this earth.

After three years, I finally began cleaning out closets and drawers.  There was one particular place that I dreaded opening, my mother’s personal drawer.

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Confronting Negativity with Humor and Grace

POstcard-for-book-give-aways..We all have to deal with negative people, situations and unpleasant events.  We have all been affected by dysfunction.  The question is how do we function in dysfunction?  We have a choice;  act like Jerry Springer or C-Span. I choose to confront negativity with humor and grace .  You may even call it Amazing Grace.

A couple of things come to mind as I write this.  Trying times like these can be as confusing as a buzzard trying to eat an armadillo.  I actually saw this the other day.  Call is what you want- “possum on the half shell” but a couple of buzzards were totally confused on how to dine on the creature.  Armadillos are new to our areas so buzzards are learning about these armed critters. Many times we  are often not equipped to handle confusion and stress. We just want to run away but that only sets up the lesson to return and  be learned later.

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Southern Traditions: No White Shoes after Labor Day

The day after Labor Day is secretly celebrated as finding out who is one of our kind. A true Southern woman only has to glance down and have her curiosity and heritage satisfied. It is a private club with no meetings and only one activity. The dues, however are enormous. It is one of our many Southern traditions; no white shoes after Labor Day.The Sunday after Labor Day, Caroline ran down the stairs on her way to church.  I stared at her feet in disbelief.  “Caroline!” I exclaimed.  “Your shoes! ”  The tone in my voice was as dramatic as if a robber had broken into the house. “Oh, Mama!  I forgot.”  She ran upstairs and reappeared wearing a darker, more appropriate color.  To my relief, the child understood the importance of this unspoken rule.   “Oh.” I reflected.  “I have done a wonderful job raising a true Southerner belle.  She did not protest, fuss or whine…..she protected herself from scandal and preserved our family honor.  It is one of our many Southern traditions;  no white shoes after Labor Day.

The day after Labor Day is secretly celebrated as finding out who is one of our kind.  A true Southern woman only has to glance down and have her curiosity and heritage satisfied. It is a private club with no meetings and only one activity.  The dues, however are enormous.

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A Rock and a Clown Nose

A Rock and a Clown Nose

I have come to the realization that a rock and a clown nose represent principles of successful living. I discovered this life lesson at the funeral for my dear friend, Eileen Klein.

As Eileen lay in her hospital bed nearing death’s door, she asked me to sing at her funeral. The song she chose was “We’ll Meet Again.” Eileen and I have a most unusual relationship of strange humor so I replied. “Yes, Eileen. I will be honored to sing at your funeral but I am singing a song I just wrote entitled, “She Lost Her Virginity at the Waffle House.” “ We both had a good laugh.

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