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My Blessing Through Grief

Bury Me With My Pearls- Best-SellerA copy of “Bury Me with my Pearls” was resting on my coffee table; it seemed to beckon … “take me with you.”

It was like a divine voice was speaking to me.

I threw the book into my suitcase and quickly zipped the bag, and off we went to Charleston. I had a strange feeling something special was going to happen.

After a brief lunch, Thomas and I visited a Verizon Wireless store. After waiting for our turn a tall, slim girl approached me.  She quickly isolated the issue with my cell phone and checked on my data usage.  The young woman mentioned my ‘cycle.’  I could not help but quip that I had not heard that word in a while. She burst into laughter and said, “That is something my mother would have said. She died in July.”

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My Mama and Her “Pearls” of Wisdom

Funny Pearls for Photo Shop

My new book, Bury Me with My Pearls, will be released November 12, 2013. This book is a treasure of humor, memories and spiritual truths in memory of my mother, Eleanor McElveen Jenkins.  My tag line is, You May Die Laughing While Learn how to Live.  This book is my tribute to my Mama and her “pearls” of wisdom.

My mother gave great advice.  I will never forget the lecture she gave me on the eve of my wedding.  Eleanor said, “Take care of your husband.  “For every headache you have, there is a woman out there with an aspirin in her pocketbook.”  And all the men say, AMEN.

My mother was popular.  I took her to a speaking engagement and she was quite the star.  Several audiences members came to me after the speech and wanted their picture made.  I fluffed my hair only to be handed the camera to take a picture of them and my mother.

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Momma’s" Fur" Coat

It was time to tackle the closet in the front hall. My mother’s many coats, collected over a lifetime, hung in the closet appearing lonely and neglected. If they could talk these coats would say that they were sad and confused.

But there was one coat that stood out, Momma’s fur vest. It was a reversible leather and fur vest and was the perfect length and weight. This was my mother’s dream coat.

I remember when mother called me one morning to share the news, “I got a surprise today; a reversible fur and leather vest. It is just what I have always wanted.” I was excited for her. “How does it look?” I asked Momma. “It is dark leather with a collar and it zips up the front.” She said proudly. “Tell me about the fur. What kind is it?” I asked.

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