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What Happened to the Friendly Skies?

I knew better than to let Thomas book airline tickets to New York City.He will try to get the best deal like he does when he grocery shops at BI-LO.Our pantry looks like a distribution center for Southern Home products.

The airline I fly most often is Delta.I have some status on that airline which comes in handy these days when the dream of the flying experience has become a nightmare.

Thomas called to inform me that he got a fabulous price on an airline I will not disclose that is based out of Charlotte, NC (US hint, hint) through an on-line discount company promoted by the captain of the Starship Enterprise.

I was packed early on the eve of our departure when Thomas casually checked his phone messages to discover that the airline based out of Charlotte cancelled our flight and re-booked us. At 11:30 PM Thomas handed me a slip of adding machine paper with four sets of numbers written on it.“Here are our flights and departure times.” He said. “Make sure our seats are okay.”

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