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Momma’s" Fur" Coat

It was time to tackle the closet in the front hall. My mother’s many coats, collected over a lifetime, hung in the closet appearing lonely and neglected. If they could talk these coats would say that they were sad and confused.

But there was one coat that stood out, Momma’s fur vest. It was a reversible leather and fur vest and was the perfect length and weight. This was my mother’s dream coat.

I remember when mother called me one morning to share the news, “I got a surprise today; a reversible fur and leather vest. It is just what I have always wanted.” I was excited for her. “How does it look?” I asked Momma. “It is dark leather with a collar and it zips up the front.” She said proudly. “Tell me about the fur. What kind is it?” I asked.

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