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Bud Walpole Does the Right Thing-Not Racism

BUD WalpoleWhen my cousin called and told me about Bud Walpole being fired from coaching due to claims of racism, I sounded like an owl, “Who?” Who?” I asked.  I, like many who have known Bud all of our lives, was stunned.  Bud Walpole is one of the kindest Christian gentlemen I have ever known. If Bud Walpole thought he was hurting anyone, he would do what he always tells the young people he influences, “Do the right thing.” This is reflected in Bud’s class act apology.

So who are the racists here? Maybe the person/persons pointing fingers.  How shameful and disgraceful for the Charleston County School Board to remove a person who parents pray their children will encounter as a coach. In an era when father figures are missing from our culture, men like Bud Walpole are priceless. 

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The ISIS War is a Personal Reminder

Remember the counterculture era soul song from 1969 entitled, "War?” It was an anti-Vietnam War protest song and a timely reminder that no one likes war. However, there are times when a line must be drawn in the sand and enough is enough. America has been watching the brutality of ISIS and this group of terrorists crossed the line. It is time to take action. The ISIS War is a personal reminder.Remember the counterculture era soul song from 1969 entitled, “War?”   It was an anti-Vietnam War protest song and a timely reminder that no one likes war. However, there are times when a line must be drawn in the sand and enough is enough. America has been watching the brutality of  ISIS and this group of terrorists crossed the line.  It is time to take action. The ISIS War is a personal reminder of our own relationships.

Have you ever had to take a stand?  Is it easier to sit back and hope IT goes away? Many times not taking a stand in the short term can be more costly long term.  Have you ever encountered problems that require swift and decisive action? How do you respond when you are attacked?  Of course, handling personal relationships is much different than dealing with global conflict.  But the questions spawned are thought provoking.  This is one of the reasons I wrote my book, “Bury Me with My Pearls.”  Although the book is very funny, I tackled a difficult time in my life and addressed it in a chapter entitled, “Dark Pearls.” I needed to learn how to handle difficult relationships beyond my control. Here is one my stories from the “Dark Pearl” chapter.

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Read Madea’s Advice: Understand Relationships

This is so brilliant that I had to share this advice on friendship from Madea (aka Tyler Perry). Madea is a character developed by Perry based on his mother and aunt and from watching Eddie Murphy perform. One of Madea’s comedy bits is about understanding relationships. Using the analogy of a trees, “Madea” says that some people are like leaves, some are like the branches on a tree and, then there are those friends who are our roots. Read this: Madea shares how to understand relationships.

Most people are like leaves.

When the wind blows they go to one side of the tree and then the wind blows the other way they are on the other side. They are totally unstable. All they do is take from the tree and only give shade. When the seasons change they wither and fall off the tree. But don’t be angry with them; this is who they are. God put them in your life just for a season.

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Friends Who are our Pearls- Naomi Rhode

Some people we just meet and there are some who had us at HELLO.  That is how I feel about my buddy, Naomi Rhode.  I decided to highlight some “pearls” in my life and a jewel of a friend is Naomi Rhode.Some people we just meet and there are some people who become our friends who had us at HELLO.  That is how I feel about my buddy, Naomi Rhode.  I decided to highlight some  friends who are“pearls” in my life and one is Naomi Rhode. I asked Naomi to write a testimonial for my new book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” and this is what she sent to me: “Get a glass of Iced “Sweet Tea” (unless you are from the North) and get ready to laugh from the first page to the last!  But, subtly, subtly, you will get the impact of how truly amazing, ‘good people’, influence ‘truly amazing good people’!!  You may even decide to be buried with your pearls on!!  Jane, congratulations!  This is a precious book, to take ‘your heart’ home to influence mine!!” I was truly touched by Naomi’s words.  She and her husband Jim are the kind of folks you can truly rely on.  They deeply care about others and it shows in their actions. Not only is Naomi a beautiful woman, she has great style. We LOVE the same clothes.  We both are attracted to things that sparkle….just like crows!  Give us dark clothes with some fun bling. At our National Speakers’ meeting we give each other a “heads up” on what a certain vendor is selling.  It makes me feel like a fashion queen when Naomi picks clothes out for me and vice-versa. Naomi and I have also shared some dark issues we have both had to deal with. This is the reason I asked her to write a testimonial for my book.  I know she understands what my book is about.  Naomi and I both love humor and we both love the teachings of our Christian faith. Many may look at Naomi and think she does not have a care or a problem. No, Naomi has traveled some difficult paths and is open with her faith and perseverance to help others dealing with issues beyond their control. Naomi shares from the abundance of her caring heart. Naomi is a rare jewel to be treasured for a lifetime. The first chapter of my book talks about Aspiring to Inspire before you Expire. Hang around with the people who love you and who are honest with you….then become that kind of person.  That is what life is all about…..adding to our strand of pearls we wear called life and in the process of becoming your best, be able to pass it on to others. I hope you enjoy reading the first few pages of “Bury Me With My Pearls” …click here: #pearlbook Please share these first few pages with others!!!

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Life Lessons from the Rat at Disney World

It was truly a magical moment. With days of happy faces, Mickey Mouse treats, and children topped with hats resembling Disney characters, we saw a rat. We were standing in the middle of Epcot's Italy when all of a sudden a rat  made a surprise appearance.  I was reminded of some timeless  life lessons from the rat at Disney World.

It was truly a magical moment. With days of happy faces, Mickey Mouse treats, and children topped with hats resembling Disney characters, we saw a rat. We were standing in the middle of Epcot’s Italy when all of a sudden a rat  made a surprise appearance.  I was reminded of some timeless  life lessons from the rat at Disney World.

We had just left Alice in Wonderland and were approaching Mary Poppins. We were all captivated with memories of our childhood icons.  Thomas must have starred at Mary Poppins for five minutes.  I told him he looked like a stalker.  He said, “I was trying to figure out why she doesn’t sweat.” Even with his left brain thinking, Thomas, like the rest of us, was in a magical mode.

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Learning from Ta-Tas and Fighting Breast Cancer

What Ta-Tas Teach Us to fight Breast Cancer

My sister had breast cancer.  Before this discovery, she had chosen to stop having her yearly screenings. After my sister’s breast cancer was detected , she eventually opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.   Her mastectomy could have been avoided if she continued to have mammograms; the best way to fight breast cancer is with early detection.

Since I speak to many hospital and health organizations particularly Healthy Women, I decided to write a beautifully illustrated book with twenty life lessons we learn as women from having “Ta-Tas.”  The book, available on Amazon….hint, hint…is a wonderful book to share with special women in your life since it is filled with common sense life lessons, health reminders, and  humor.  I also use the profits from this book to fight breast cancer. The first ” Ta-Ta” lesson from the book is shared in this blog and other lessons will be shared in future blogs.  The attached picture is from the book and it is drawn by a very talented artist named Beth Clark. Enjoy this first “Ta-Ta” lesson.

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Remembering “Miss” Shellie’s” Gifts and her Christian Love

Remembering Miss Shellie's GiftMy Harmony church family always hosts bridal showers for our members.  One Sunday afternoon before one of our bridal celebrations, my mind drifted back to the Harmony UMC ladies of yester-year and one dear soul in particular, “Miss” Shellie Matheny.  I love remembering Miss Shellie’s gifts since her present not the most expensive but always the highlight of the church shower. No doubt Miss Shellie’s gifts were her expression of Christian love.

Miss Shellie would always give the most unusual gifts.  We all knew her package.  The large cardboard box was the most obvious of all presents.  Inside the box were several smaller gifts. There could be anything inside; one packet of oatmeal, a package of Lance crackers, a single box of matches, to whatever she thought you might need.  There was one incident when a roll of toilet paper was included.  And always, and I mean always, there would be a Danny Dozit pot cleaner.  Miss Shellie’s gift was a gift of love that was well thought out.

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Vacation Lessons from Cancun

Vacation Lessons from Cancun

Some may think this post is about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of traveling in Mexico but not really.  I will have to admit with all the talk about crime and kidnapping in that country, I was concerned.  I knew that being constantly worried would ruin our trip. But God in His mercy taught me an unforgettable vacation lesson from Cancun.

Yes, the Cancun beaches looked like sugar and the water is the amazing color of turquoise.  We repelled in a Cenotes and saw ancient Mayan ruins, snorkeled coral reefs and shopped in Cozumel.  All of our excursions were adventurous and lovely. The two biggest events that battled my worries were the resident hotel peacock and a woman named Minnie.

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Lowcountry Tides and Life Changes

Life Changes and the Lowcountry tides

Memorial Day weekend ushers in the official beginning of summer.  Along with the obvious tribute to our brave men and women in the armed forces, the sun seems a little hotter and the water temperature is not as cool. As a Lowcountry girl, I can relate to how the changes in the tides reminds me of  life changes.

Sunscreen, bottles of water, bread, peanut butter, etc., are all on my list to take in the boat.  My daddy, a seasoned Johns Island boater, always said to never leave the shore without food and water. So with the coolers packed and boat in good shape, off we went to  Abbapoola Creek to join a ka-zillion other boaters in Charleston.

To catch a high tide in the late afternoon is the most desirable scenario. We explored creeks with million dollar homes and passed jon boats with folks fishing and casting.

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Momma’s Ten Commandments

I thought my mother wrote the Ten Commandments.I have been hearing an eternity of talk about the Ten Commandments recently.  All of this  took me back to my Third Grade Sunday School teacher, Miss Peggy Seabrook coupled with what I learned at home.

Every Sunday morning, my Sunday School class would be greeted with Miss Peggy’s famous chant, “Good Monin’, Good Monin’, Good Monin’!”  It could be 115 degrees, 20 below zero or a spring flood; she always filled our ears with the sound of sunshine.  Make no mistake.  In her class we memorized, we recited, and even had Bible drills.  The first lesson every year was the same:  The Ten Commandments.

I starting thinking of all of the “thou shalts and the thou shalt nots” and it dawned on me that I actually thought my parents wrote the Ten Commandments.  Not until I was in Miss Peggy Seabrook’s class did I realize these rules were actually in the Bible.  It wasn’t my mother’s rules, it was Moses receiving instruction from God.

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