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Yep, She called Me Ugly; A Flip-Flop Faux-Pas




In honor of my new book, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops,” I remembered a funny flip-flop story that occurred a few days after I was crowned Miss South Carolina-enjoy!



I was riding high after being crowned Miss South Carolina on Saturday night. Now it was time to prepare for the Miss America Pageant.

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One of the Greatest Gifts Given to Me; My Mother’s Sense of Humor.

My mother had an amazing sense of humor. I am so thankful since there are so many benefits to laughter and its therapeutic value. Laughter lowers blood sugar, helps us sleep better, boost immune system and improves our memory. One of the greatest gifts  given to me; my mother’s sense of humor. Here is an excerpt from my book, “Bury Me With My Pearls” #pearlsofwisdom

Eleanor with Pearls 001cropped

Eleanor’s “Sunday School” Joke

My mother told me that she had planted funny notes and crazy things all over the house to make me laugh after she passed away.  Momma did not want me to stay in a state of grief long after she left this earth.

After three years, I finally began cleaning out closets and drawers.  There was one particular place that I dreaded opening, my mother’s personal drawer.

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