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Wall Street Need a Main Street

Protests fascinate me. I have actually participated in a protest. It was during the farm crises in the late 1970’s. Dressed to fit the occasion in my hog-washers and protest cap, we drove the tractors into downtown Charleston to the Post and Courier Newspaper building and revved up the engines. It was fun to be a rebel with a cause. The farmers’ wives including my mother, Evelyn, Miss Ann and Miss Ada, rode in pickup trucks. That was pretty much the extent of it. Our protest did call attention to agricultural issues and the rising costs of farming. And then it was back to the farm and to work.

I have been watching the protests on Wall Street. Apparently the left-over protesters are not gainfully employed. Maybe they are professional protesters. Maybe they are too busy protesting while the rest of us work so they can carry signs. As Jeff Engvall says, “Here’s your sign.”

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