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Bury Me With My Pearls: Now on Audio!

miss-south-carolinaYa’ll want to hear something exciting? My book, Bury Me With My Pearls, is now available in AUDIO! I personally read every word because you simply can’t fake a Southern accent! I wanted to share my Southern stories my way with a little Gullah influence plus a few stories with a hint of a “Nathern” accent. Just what are you in store for when you listen to Bury Me With My Pearls? Read an excerpt from the book below!

“Several years ago, I was asked to judge the Miss Mississippi Pageant. During my stay in the great beauty queen state of Mississippi, was the anniversary of the day I won the title of Miss South Carolina.

Too boot, Miss Mississippi whooped me at the Miss America Pageant.

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A Life Well Lived is Like a Kayak Well Paddled

jpegJust fetch a paddle and get into the kayak; is it really that easy? The answer is, “no.” Add a swift creek tide and you have a challenge on your hands.

Kayaking is all about balance.  It’s about hugging the marsh to escape the currents or pull. Sometimes you paddle backwards when you get into a challenging situation.  There are those times when going with the flow is the way to go.  It’s about timing your journey.

Thomas and I kayaked along Hut Creek last week. I hugged the shore for safety and paddled backwards as I fought the pull of the tide.  We timed our excursions to enjoy God’s blessings and especially loved drifting with the tide.

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Did Ya’ll Know You Can Hire Me to Speak at Your Event?

No matter what type of conference or event you’re planning, you can make it a hit with one of my funny, self improvement presentations. Using my sweet, Southern humor I look to inspire folks just like you to to laugh more and live healthier!

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