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Here are a few excerpts from Jane’s presentation in front of an audience 20,000 enthusiastic young people from all across America.

Jane’s presentations are chock-full of life lessons, singing and original Southern humor.

Looking for a stress-relieving, funny entertaining experience to help your audience lighten-up, listen-up and laugh-out-loud? Well, you can expect all that—and much more—when Jane steps on the stage!

Want a good laugh and life lesson? Click on the picture and hear an excerpt from Jane’s presentation to help you handle difficult people/moments with humor.jl1-2

Delivering her motivational speeches, Jane skillfully weaves together humorous storytelling, enriching life lessons and uplifting songs, (featured on Sirius XM Radio) based upon her own journey from the farm to the runway of the Miss America Pageant and beyond. Jane shares how her sense of  humor helped her overcome being labeled Dyslexic and other issues to find her success. Jane’s inspirational speaking helps folks discover the amazing power of humor to find the funny in dysfunction and tap into their best selves. Along with original stories, Jane’s ever-present sense of humor guarantees that audiences will laugh, but they’ll also take away timeless life skills and enjoy her beautiful singing and parodies. With honest-to-goodness Southern charm and a contagious can-do attitude, Jane finds a way to relate to all audiences and inspire them laugh more and live healthier.

Jane’s Most Popular Presentations

Jane Herlong's Speaking Presentations

Don’t Throw Tomatoes at My Field of Dreams!

When life gives you over-ripened tomatoes, make some ketchup! In this presentation—full of enriching content and enlightening humor—Jane shares successful business and life strategies learned from working in her father’s tomato fields as a young girl. Jane’s humorous, original storytelling focuses on personal accountability and life-balance, while promoting the highest standards of ethics for peak performance and bottom line productivity. This keynote presentation is perfect for mixed audiences, conferences, associations and customer service groups who needs to out-think or re-think the competition. Your group will discover:

Jane Herlong's Speaking Presentations

Own Your Runway: Business Secrets from a Recovering Beauty Queen

From the rows of tomato fields to the runway of the Miss America Pageant, Jane Jenkins Herlong found her path from the most unlikely challenge, and with a sense of humor, began her journey. Her funny and insightful presentation is based on proven techniques she learned along the way. By applying these same, real-world principles to sales, marketing, leadership, and customer service, Jane teaches audiences everywhere how to win on their own runways of success.

Each presentation is customized and personalized for each audience.  Jane’s runway topics include:

 “The  laughter, empowerment, and singing in Jane’s presentation left the women feeling they could conquer the world by being true to who they are, taking charge of themselves while learning, laughing and loving more.” Patrick Hines, Coordinator, Scotland Memorial Foundation

Jane Herlong's Speaking Presentations

Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops: When Life Flips, Don’t be a FLOP!

Have you ever felt like a complete flop? Has your life ever flipped? YES is my answer! Now, let’s add rhinestones to those flip-flops. This presentation is based on Jane’s newest book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops: Choosing Extravagant Joy in the Midst of Everyday Mess-ups”

This is why I wrote, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops” since this book is my journey; it’s your journey. Most of us struggle with deception, stress, holding on to the past, and those dreaded “middle age” issues. This book will make you laugh while learning life skills to be a better you!

Jane Herlong's Speaking Presentations

Bury Me with My Pearls

This presentation is a classic and real jewel based on Jane’s award winning and best-selling book. Perfect for women who are searching for living their legacies. Jane uses her pearl analogy; cultured, uncultured, and seed pearls to empower women to handle business and personal challenges with grace and a sense of humor. This presentation is perfect for women who love to laugh,eat and win a door prize. Well, that is pretty much most women.  (Women’s Conferences- Associations and Conventions)

Jane Herlong's Speaking Presentations

       Find the Funny in Dysfunction

Are you a “fixer?” There are so many issues that  we cannot control or fix so why not find the humor with those impossible people and circumstances? Give stress a “black-eye” and move forward with these issues in your rear-view mirror. This is the best way to say NO to stress and YES to success. With her humor that is featured on Sirius XM Radio and singing, this fun-filled, inspirational speaking presentation will help you Find the Funny is Dysfunction to be able to Function. ( Mixed Audiences, Conferences, Associations, and Conventions) In this session Jane addresses:

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                     quotations marks_edited-10
Logo Chair leadershipJane Jenkins Herlong is a delight! Her fresh humor and engaging     storytelling was one of the great highlights of our recent conference. In addition to her outstanding keynote, she is incredibily easy to work with.  She made the pre-planning seamless. I would absolutley hire Jane to speak at my conference and so should you.

          -Dan Cowen, Progam Coordinator, Academy Chair




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